FIS Updates

Whatsapp integration with FIS
FIS Updates

WhatsApp Integration

We are super excited to announce integration of Fabonic Information System (FIS) with WhatsApp. Now you can get reports, system activities notifications directly into your WhatsApp. You can even send reports li...

decimal comp
FIS Updates

How to Set Decimal to be Displayed in Noozle Readings (PETROL PUMP)

Inorder to Set the total amount of Decimal to be displayed in Noozle Pump Readings . Click on Masters then find and click submenu with the label Company settings after opening find the searching option on top r...

proformas duplicate
FIS Updates

How to Duplicate Proformas on FIS

A proformas can be duplicated to a multiple file. In order to duplicate a proformas to a multiple copy navigate to a proformas submenus. Navigate to proformas list by clicking on Transactions then proformas and...

nozzle reading
FIS Updates

How to Record Nozzle Readings (PETROL PUMP)

To record nozzle reading navigate to Pumps menu and then click Daily Readings, the page to record all the reading will open where there will be list of nozzles and their recordings The details after recording t...

FIS Updates

How to Change shift (PETROL PUMP)

You can change shift by clicking on masters menus and choose shift Date submenu and it will open the shift page. Choose the shift you want to set and click on Set New shift Date red button to set the shift.

FIS Updates

How to Add a Ledgers

You can go to ledgers page by clicking on Account Masters menu and navigate through ledger submenus Follow the following are the steps to add a new ledgers: – Click on the plus green icon to add new ledg...

FIS Updates

How to Record the cash receipt

In order to create a receipt for the first time, choose the Financial Transaction menus and select receipt. On a search space with the name “search account” enter an account name which you want to receive the ...

sales page
FIS Updates

How to create Sales entry

In order to create sales entries for the first time, choose the Transaction menus and select sales. On a search space with the name “search customer” enter a customer name you want to make sales. If the name o...

FIS Updates

How to do Purchases

You can go to purchases page by clicking on Transaction menu and navigate through purchases submenus and the purchases will open. Follow the following are the steps to record your purchases: – On a space...

FIS Updates

How to Record Opening Balance

You can navigate to Opening balance by clicking masters menus and then choose how to record opening balance. Follow the following are the steps to record your Opening stock: – Enter the location of your ...